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Radio is used to put into cool Cola cans? Bag is used to listen to music?

Your customers ask you to present some valuable products for their project continually.


As a member of CONQ group, we are experienced in producing electronic products, also we have plenty experience in making bags.

In the year of 2000, we decided to venture and establish this company---Sure Wave (HongKong) Ltd, which focus on pioneering the catagory of music bag.

In the past decade, we have developed and presented around hundreds of products, combining bags with electronic technologies,such as Radio, Speakers and so on. Different combinations achieves the possibility of meeting the different project requests on functional and price point.


Best quality and competitive price are the two most important considerations for you and your customers. All products are designed and manufactured in our own factory, which ensure that the price point are always kept in a competitive level.

Also,we have developed comprehensive quality control procedures, including packaging and marking.Every shipment made is inspected independently by our own quality control staff at an AQL level under international standard.


Innovative idea is another important thing here. As you know, the design of bag is variety and flexible.  Your innovative idea and our speciality on electronic technology would bring out a perfect unique and functional-rich product to win the market.


Our professional & efficient service is the last but not least important thing for you. You will feel pleasure that you work with us, a group of people with energetic,true-blue,deep aspiration and professional.


What are you waiting for? Send your inquiries today and get this partnership started.